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Balanbot: Arduino UNO based Self-balancing Robot


This is a nifty kit. The robot works fantastically. Customer service is topnotch. Ryan answered many, many, questions from me. Thank you! I'm totally new to arduino, but was able to get this robot built and running in about an hour and a half. Controlling it with either an Android device via bluetooth or an extra 2 channel RC controller works great. It is a solidly made bit of stuff.

Here's what you'll need (though different kit combinations might cover some of this)

Arduino Uno R3 (or similar)
Bluetooth card (if you want)
Three good 18650 rechargeable batteries.

The kit includes the balance shield, motors, battery tray, frame components, and fasteners. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Makerstudio includes plenty of extra screws, tie straps, and structural components, too! Very good company. Thanks again for a great product.
Date Added: 12/27/2014 by spencer wood
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