UVindeSir: The Tiny UV Index Meter for iPhone


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UVindeSir is an elaborate little UV Index meter, Sun Protection Factor (SPF),  

and Protection of UVA-1 (PA) reminder for your iPhone/Android with ingenious

and expertly built hardware that you can have with you everywhere. Easy to

carry and simple to use. It can also measure the current temperature.



Black and White UVindeSir

UVindeSir + mobile app transforms your smartphone into a ultraviolet index meter.


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Love the sunshine with UVindeSir

Why UVindeSir?

UV Index is an international standardized numerical value, which indicates the

intensity of the UV radiation affecting human skin that reaches the surface of

the earth. SPF and PA helps indicate and estimate the time required to reach

the maximum amount of UV to which you should be exposed in any specific

weather condition.


Knowledge and style of UVindeSir

With UVindeSir, you can choose what kind of SPF to use based on the measurement. 

City-wide UV numbers are usually available every day, but they can be quite broad

and unspecific. In addition, that will (of course) tell you nothing about the UVI in

your position or other places you visit. For some, the UVindeSir and associated

app will be the best thing since sliced bread (or the introduction of

iPhone – your choice).

Tips will tell you how to do
You can measure the UV radiation from the sun and temperature when and where you like.

The UV Index can vary widely depending on the following factors: time of year or season,

time of day, weather conditions, surfaces, altitude, and regions of the world. Note tha

t the real-time value measured probably differs from the regular renewed value from

a forecasting service. This is caused by the sun’s changing position, clouds, altitude,

season, and other factors. UV Index and temperature are changing all the time and

you can use UVindeSir to track them. It is helpful for you to make decision and limit

your exposure to these harmful UV rays.


How to use

With a four pole audio jack enclosed, UVindeSir integrates power extraction, signal processing,

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