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Air.Air! is a portable device to measure air quality. Support for your iPhone,

iPod & Android phone. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter.


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Air.Air! automatically measures air quality by detecting particulate matter. It can detect particles in

the air, including minute traces of cigarette smoke or diesel fumes.


With our air quality sensing app, you can set an alarm (currently under development) to alert you if

the quality level goes below a specified levels.


It also measures temperature.

Simply to use

It uses the new Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), so it can transmit data to any Bluetooth-compatible

device. There is no need for Internet access, because Air.Air! communicates directly with your smart phone.

Why is uesful

Easy to carry and very simple to use. Set upright your Air.Air!, open the App, and measure the air


Many cities have daily air quality reports, but these reports are very general. They usually do not

include detailed information about specific locations.

Air.Air! measures air quality on the spot,wherever you are. We believe this device may be of interest

to engineers and curious minds who want to know more about air quality and are interested in

collecting data about their environment. 

By using Air.Air! at home, you may learn a lot about air quality sensing. There are a lot of things in

our households which decrease the quality of air substances and particles we do not have

affordable tools to measure.

The dust particles are basically invisible. But Air.Air! can measure it.

Air.Air! will help address the lack of tools and data on air quality.  You can compare the air at home

with the air outdoors and in the surroundings. You can the device with you, wherever you go. It even

works in your car.


There are a lot of other ways you can use it.

The reason why we built this device is because human perception usually fails to detect air pollution,

making it difficult for us to evaluate the amount of awareness we are subjecting ourselves. However,

when the device provides a specific reading, we get something we can rely upon and share with

friends and family.


By having our own air quality monitoring system, we can potentially optimize decisions to decrease

exposure to poor air. You can discover, for instance, that your furnace or wood stove is leaking and

affecting your air quality more than you realized.



There is  a nifty website" state of the air org"in which you can type in your ZIP code and find out how

polluted the air is for a particular region. The only issue with this service is that its data is too

general. They do not provide the public with exact levels of air pollution for a very specific location.

How does it wotk

Air.Air! has a compact optical dust sensor developed by Sharp Corporation. In the dust sensor,

there is an IRED infrared-emitting diode and a photo transistor, which are diagonally arranged in the

device to measure the reflected light off of the airborne dust particles. This kind of device is

especially effective at detecting airborne particles like the kind that are to be found in cigarette


We also designed a iPhone (Android later).App to display tips and specific number of detected

data. Good UI makes it easier to use.

smoke and automobile exhaust, as it can distinguish between very fine particles.


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