Merry Christmas by FlyBlue


What does Arduino mean to us?

“Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects.” From the Arduino official website (

We like Arduino and benefit a lot when making things as it’s user-friendly, inexpensive and open source.


Why FlyBlue is made?

We are making a new board FlyBlue, which integrates the function of Arduino UNO and Bluetooth(BLE). The idea was inspired by a friend who teaches making Arduino robot.  He told that when a robot is under running, it’s difficult to program a robot by a USB cable. How convenient it would be if the robot can be wirelessly programmed!


What FlyBlue will be like?

FlyBlue will be made user-friendly, inexpensive and open source. It could be like this:

1. Based on Atmega328.

2. Keep the USB programming interface.

3. Choosing CC2640 for BLE, transparent transmitting, and wireless programming.

4. Compatible wtith Arduino UNO outline and ports.

5. Compatible with latest Arduino IDE.

6. Using a bluetooth adapter(HostBlue) for PC.

7. Adding the adapter with digital LED for displaying paired bluetooth.

8. Default communication speed at 9600bps, and automatically switched to 115200bps for programming.

9. Default client mode for FlyBlue, and Master mode for the BLE adapter

10.Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac

11.And more?


Why you need will it?

1. With FlyBlue, nothing need to be changed of your original Arduino code. They are totally compatible.

2. With FlyBlue and HostBlue, you can upload the Arduino code remotely.

3. With FlyBlue and apps(Android or iOS based) , you can develop more interactive applications by bluetooth communication.

4. With open source hardware of FlyBlue, you will be more easily involved in the community of making creative things.



How things are going?

1. Verified the wireless programming by using CC2640 EVB board and Arduino.

2. Verified the communication between the APP on iPhone6 and the Arduino connecting CC2640 EVB board.

3. Schmatic of FlyBlue has been finished.


Things needs to do?(Dec-21-2015)

1. PCB layout and prototyping of FlyBlue.

2. Schmatic design and PCB layout of HostBlue.

3. Firmware design of CC2640 on FlyBlue and HostBlue.

4. Demo App design for Android device(might be provided soon by TI).

5. Testing the prototypes.

6. First batch of 100 sets manufacturing.

7. Manufacturing for more.


Why Indiegogo?


We’d like to hear more requests, suggestions, and cooperation from you. For the contributors in whatever way, we will choose to send some kits for free.

Best Regards & Merry Christmas!


@Maker Studio





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