Arduino + Bluetooth 2.0 + Bluetooth 4.0

we put makeduino uno r3 and bluetooth 4.0(BLE) together to make you building your application more easier. And also the bluetooth module support SPP as well, which means the board can connect to the device with bluetooth 2.1 or bluetooth 4.0.

Demo code for Arduino is available.


11 thoughts on “Arduino + Bluetooth 2.0 + Bluetooth 4.0

  1. Jerry

    That’s awesome, I bought one however the location for the demo code is not found on your website. Any specific link to it? The closest I found was for the shields, which is not that product. Furhtermore, no explanation is given for the switch on the side, any schematics available? Thanks

  2. rami baz

    hello I cant find anything to help me use this device…. any help would be much apreciated example,library anything. thank you in advance.

  3. Daniele

    I bought bluetooth brick item. I have a problem that I hope you can help me to solve.
    I well know Apple limitation about Bluetooth, but this item is a 4.0 Bluetooth version, so I cannot understand why I cannot see it in device list.
    There are some particular configuration kind? I don’t have problem on Android but OSX and IOS cannot see it.

  4. Daniel

    I have bought an EB – Serial Bluetooth 2.0 but unfortunately I cannot find the appropriate libraries for it. Would the 4.0 libraries be perfectly normal to use with it, or do I need the exact 2.0 libraries(I cannot find them anywhere!).

    1. Leila

      I have the same problem. I need the serial bluetooth 2.0 library, but they are not at the address in the guide. On the link I can only find bluetooth 4.0 library. Please let me know where I can find the EB_Bluetooth.h library!

        1. Leila

          No, this is the wrong library, and information for the EB_Bluetooth4.0. I need the library for EB_BLuetooth2.0, or instructions on how to use the new library with an older module.


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