First batch of Balanbot Kit is waiting for shipment

Hi All,

Thanks for your patience.

The first batch of the Balanbot Kit has been processed tonight. They should be shipped out tomorrow. And we will send you the tracking number for your reference.


Maker Studio


6 thoughts on “First batch of Balanbot Kit is waiting for shipment

  1. S W

    Received two Balanbots, not quite in time for Christmas, but close enough. Both up and running. Great robots! One is controlled via Android App, kind of nice. The other by an old car radio control. Very sweet. Thanks Ryan for all of your help, great, I mean GREAT, customer service. Super sweet product that holds a lot of potential for continued enjoyment.

    From Kansas, thank you!

    1. admin Post author

      Kansas, thanks for your feedback and glad to know you enjoy the product.
      We will keep bringing more for you.


  2. Shingo

    Hello Amit, I am currently wrinokg on a project for my university, and I need to be able to connect on the schools network with an arduino through wireless. So i need DHCP support, do you have any recommendations ?thank you


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