Latest Progress of Balanbot

Hi All,

The assembly of the first batch(100pcs) Balance Shield has been finished. It’s waiting to be full tested.

And for other parts:

Acrylic boards are under processing, and will be back Next Monday.

Motors and other components are also on the way to our office, and will be back Next Monday.

We are going to package the kits on Next Monday, and ship them on Tuesday.



BTW, for those who have no requirement for the color of the acrylic board, we will choose in random.


Have a nice weekend!


Maker Studio

2 thoughts on “Latest Progress of Balanbot

  1. Reinier Pechler


    How can I download the last source code for the arduino for the Balance Shield?
    I bought the Balanbot kit and would like to run. I could find any code in de download.

    Kind regards, Reinier


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