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Hi All,

Here are some photos about Balanbot on CHINA HI-TECH FAIR (CHTF) 2014.

CHTF is the biggest scale exhibition  about the high tech things in China, once every year. Thousands of companies participate to show their latest products.

Here we come, Maker Studio –  Make for fun!


Have a nice weekend!

Maker Studio

Balance Shield PCBs are Ready

Hi All,

It takes about 7 days including the weekend to make the PCB of Balance Shield, 128pcs in total. Here it comes:



Next, we will prepare the BOM of the Balance Shield and should be ready by the end of this week.


Besides, please leave us a message about the color (Black, Red or Transparent) you are going to choose for the acrylic board.



Maker Studio

Balance Shield is under Manufacturing

The Balance Shield is the main function board for the Balanbot. It integrates one L298P for driving motor, and one MPU6050 for getting angle and speed information. The Balance Shield is under Manufacturing now. Here is the photo of panelized board.

Check here for more about the Balanbot – Might be the Easiest Arduino UNO Based Self-balancing Robot Ever.


Maker Studio Team