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A new batch of Makerduino UNO is coming

 Look :UNO v3.0


About Us      

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  •  Maker Studio is a young company. We ourselves are makers, and we design Open Source Hardware.
  •  It’s our honor to provide superior quality service to all makers around the world.
  •  We provide Basic Components, Modular Electronics and Kits for quick prototyping
  •  We provide PCB prototyping Service with low price and best quality
  •  We manufacture for small scale (10 – 100 pcs) products



8 SQUARE is coming

  • What is 8 SQUARE

  • 8 SQUARE is a lovely and eye catching necklace that shows off your geek attitude. We designed it to help you build up your confidence as a hardware maker. With the soldering iron held in your hand, and detailed tutorial aside, you can make a red heart bounce on the 8×8  LED matrix.


  • Features:

  • Easy to Solder

  • Compatible Microcontroller for Arduino

  • Friendly to Sewing

  • Funny activities:

  • We offered a batch of defected PCBs to local community in Shenzhen recently. To our surprise, a second life was given to some of these PCBs by the attendees, who are neither engineers nor artists.

AK0000810B--003 AK0000810B--004  AK0000810B--006 AK0000810B--007

Just waiting for you



UV is being shipped

UV is now being shipped

They are shipped to the following countries:

USA, Germany, UK, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Portugal, France, Singarpo, New Zealand, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, India
, Indonesia, Israel.