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We are working on a whole new Arduino Board

Hi all,

We have been working on a whole new Arduino compatible board – FlyBlue, which integrates the IT latest BLE chip CC2560.




With this chip, we implement the wireless programming by Arduino IDE on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


To use the wireless  programming function, no AT command needed, nor any configuration is needed, all you need is to plug an USB adapter to your computer, which can be recognized just as Arduino UNO.

调整大小 IMG_9480

With this function, you can make lots of applications that are inconvenient to be programmed by connecting an USB cable.

Besides, integrating the BLE function, the Flyblue can also communicate with other BLE device. We made an android APP for controlling the arduino car.

调整大小 IMG20160425151816

We really like to hear more about your idea to play with this whole new Arduino compatible board.

Click here for more about this product.

Best Regards,
Maker Studio




Happy Chinese New Year

Hi everyone,

Chinese Spring Festival is comming. Happy new year to you all! Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Here we will have the holiday arrangement:

1. Orders will be stop shipping by Feb. 3rd and restore at Feb. 15th.

2. PCB orders made after Jan. 29th will be shipped from Feb. 15th.

BTW, we have a good progress on the project of FlyBlue:

Beta version of FlyBlue

Testing the signal strength of unmatched impendence version of the BLE board.

BLE Strength


We will keep you posted and welcome any ideas for this project.


Best Regards,

Maker Studio


Electronic Brick Shield v1.2

EB Shield v1.2

Hi All,

Except keeping the compatibility for Arduino,  there are the some changes of Electronic Brick Shield v1.2:

1.  Use the breadboard type of though holes, making it easy for soldering DIP ICs.

2. Add an external power input connector and a push button switch, making it easy for power supply control.

3. Use all through hole components, making it easy for manufacture.

The board is under prototyping, and it should be available by the end of Jan. 2016.

Thanks for your support!

Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Maker Studio

Dobot: Robotic Arm for Everyone, Arduino & Open Source

Here is a new robot arm using customized stepper motor, which is different from uArm and 7bot.


Dobot is versatile and designed for everyone. It can draw, write, text, move, grab things following your orders. It liberates your arms from doing repetitive tasks. Dobot is Arduino-powered, 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm with High Quality. For more advanced makers, Dobot has great potential to be an essential part of your own project.

Check it here for more details:


Best Regards,


Latest Progress of Balanbot

Hi All,

The assembly of the first batch(100pcs) Balance Shield has been finished. It’s waiting to be full tested.

And for other parts:

Acrylic boards are under processing, and will be back Next Monday.

Motors and other components are also on the way to our office, and will be back Next Monday.

We are going to package the kits on Next Monday, and ship them on Tuesday.



BTW, for those who have no requirement for the color of the acrylic board, we will choose in random.


Have a nice weekend!


Maker Studio


Hi All,

Here are some photos about Balanbot on CHINA HI-TECH FAIR (CHTF) 2014.

CHTF is the biggest scale exhibition  about the high tech things in China, once every year. Thousands of companies participate to show their latest products.

Here we come, Maker Studio –  Make for fun!


Have a nice weekend!

Maker Studio

Balance Shield PCBs are Ready

Hi All,

It takes about 7 days including the weekend to make the PCB of Balance Shield, 128pcs in total. Here it comes:



Next, we will prepare the BOM of the Balance Shield and should be ready by the end of this week.


Besides, please leave us a message about the color (Black, Red or Transparent) you are going to choose for the acrylic board.



Maker Studio