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Latest Progress of Balanbot

Hi All,

The assembly of the first batch(100pcs) Balance Shield has been finished. It’s waiting to be full tested.

And for other parts:

Acrylic boards are under processing, and will be back Next Monday.

Motors and other components are also on the way to our office, and will be back Next Monday.

We are going to package the kits on Next Monday, and ship them on Tuesday.



BTW, for those who have no requirement for the color of the acrylic board, we will choose in random.


Have a nice weekend!


Maker Studio


Hi All,

Here are some photos about Balanbot on CHINA HI-TECH FAIR (CHTF) 2014.

CHTF is the biggest scale exhibition  about the high tech things in China, once every year. Thousands of companies participate to show their latest products.

Here we come, Maker Studio –  Make for fun!


Have a nice weekend!

Maker Studio

Balance Shield PCBs are Ready

Hi All,

It takes about 7 days including the weekend to make the PCB of Balance Shield, 128pcs in total. Here it comes:



Next, we will prepare the BOM of the Balance Shield and should be ready by the end of this week.


Besides, please leave us a message about the color (Black, Red or Transparent) you are going to choose for the acrylic board.



Maker Studio

Balance Shield is under Manufacturing

The Balance Shield is the main function board for the Balanbot. It integrates one L298P for driving motor, and one MPU6050 for getting angle and speed information. The Balance Shield is under Manufacturing now. Here is the photo of panelized board.

Check here for more about the Balanbot – Might be the Easiest Arduino UNO Based Self-balancing Robot Ever.


Maker Studio Team


Made a new life for 8 SQUARE——– by diy

This is the 8 SQUARE.

Arduino compatible matrix LED badge.

Make single matrix LED into double matrix LED. So 8×8 into 8×16. wide screen !

Hack the 8 SQUARE !

No need modification of 8 SQUARE. Make a socket adapter of two LED change into one LED.

This is a schematic of the adapter.

Combine each anodes and cathodes. i.e. A1 – K1, A2 – K2, ….  K1 – A1, K2 – A2, …..

This is actual wiring.

The adapter completion.

Unite with 8 SQUARE.

Sample patterns.

Sample sketch is here.  This sketch is NOT battery-saving yet.

Hack the 8 SQUARE 2 !

Use 0.8” small square LED.

Schematic is same as mentioned above. This is actual wiring.

There are interfere crossing pin headers,

The adapter completion.

Unite with 8 SQUARE.

Sample patterns. made a new life for 8 SQUARE


A new batch of Makerduino UNO is coming

 Look :UNO v3.0


About Us      

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  •  Maker Studio is a young company. We ourselves are makers, and we design Open Source Hardware.
  •  It’s our honor to provide superior quality service to all makers around the world.
  •  We provide Basic Components, Modular Electronics and Kits for quick prototyping
  •  We provide PCB prototyping Service with low price and best quality
  •  We manufacture for small scale (10 – 100 pcs) products



8 SQUARE is coming

  • What is 8 SQUARE

  • 8 SQUARE is a lovely and eye catching necklace that shows off your geek attitude. We designed it to help you build up your confidence as a hardware maker. With the soldering iron held in your hand, and detailed tutorial aside, you can make a red heart bounce on the 8×8  LED matrix.


  • Features:

  • Easy to Solder

  • Compatible Microcontroller for Arduino

  • Friendly to Sewing

  • Funny activities:

  • We offered a batch of defected PCBs to local community in Shenzhen recently. To our surprise, a second life was given to some of these PCBs by the attendees, who are neither engineers nor artists.

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